Why You Should Not Give “em the Boot This Christmas

For the motorcycle enthusiast, leathers are everything.  But one of the most important articles of clothing are the boots they wear on their feet.  There have been iconic brands that have created the image of the hard-edged, bad-boy biker because of the tough leather jackets, pants, and boots that have become part of the culture.  But for the most part, bikers are out to protect their lives, not their image when they dress for the road.  The fact that their uniform is sexy is just a side benefit.  As the holiday approaches, giving a pair of boots to a biker should be done with careful consideration.  If you think the top priority is the price, that might not be what your biker has in mind.  There are different styles for different occasions and tastes, and it might be better to choose another article of clothing as your gift, and leave the choice of footwear to the professionals.

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If you’re still unsure about what to buy for your biker friends, a gift card could be the answer.  You can get one for Hot Topics and let them handle the rest.